We are a boutique collective of talented, experienced, charismatic and passionate club DJs that specializes in creating sophisticated, custom-tailored soundtracks for our clients and turns every event into the ultimate dance party.

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California’s Premier Special Event & Wedding DJ Provider

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Professional Wedding DJ services for your event. Serving wine country, the Bay Area, and all of California.

Your wedding is the celebration of a lifetime, so let’s make it one to remember!!  Caliber DJs was founded by midwest transplant Nate Seider as an offshoot of Chicago’s highly successful Style Matters DJ collective.  What started out innocently enough turned into a big realization: our friends were asking us to DJ their weddings because they couldn’t find a wedding DJ who played any of the music they liked!!  And being located in Chicago- one of the world’s greatest incubators and testing grounds for amazing DJs- we quickly realized our talents were not only several cuts above your average cheesy-tuxedo-clad-button-pushing wedding jocks, but also in high demand to those who could tell the difference.


And so Caliber DJs was launched in the Summer of 2013.  Our goal with this business is simple- to create a sophisticated, custom music program for every event based on our clients’ personal tastes, and to give you the funnest dance party you’ve ever been to in your life!  As service industry veterans, our level of attention to detail is impeccable and is a valuable resource for every client we work with, whether that includes timeline planning, multiple PA’s and microphones or ceremony sound.  We have become a favorite of many venues and planning teams across the Bay Area and beyond and look forward to helping you to create not only the perfect musical atmosphere for your event, but also the best dance party you and your guests have been to in years.


We also use Technics 1200 turntables for every gig!  All of our DJs have decades of experience and got into the industry because of their love of great dance music and sharing that music with the world.  Our dedication to the art of mixing remains intact and enthusiastic and we insist on using turntables at every gig.  No dude in a cheesy tux pressing Play on a CD rack, we are a collective of true professionals dedicated to creating the party and keeping it going until the last record is played.  Because it IS a party after all!

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-Nate Seider

Owner, Caliber DJs

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