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DJ Profiles

Margot Elizabeth

It started with a piano when she was four. She moved her way through band camp, punk bands, the rave era, and dance clubs until she found herself behind two turntables and a microphone. It’s been a long journey from DJing in a small suburb of Chicago to the seedy nightlife of Las Vegas to the balmy beaches of Mexico. Margot Elizabeth, also known as Diskokitty in the music industry, has grown to be a turntablist among DJs.

Margot has a vast knowledge of genres and  knows how to read her crowd and environment extremely well. She is the DJ to call when you need someone to keep a finicky crowd on the dance floor. Margot has held residencies at many of Chicago’s most well-known night clubs as well as her own themed nights. She has performed inside some of Chicago’s finest museums and has even made appearances on local radio and public access television stations.

Margot has also had the opportunity to DJ with some of the world’s most coveted DJs and has been featured in several articles and magazines. You never really know where you’ll see her DJ next- it could be spinning 45’s at the next vinyl night she finds or for a crowd of 1000’s at your next festival.

One thing is certain, people will be dancing and asking themselves “Where did she find that remix?” Currently, Margot is one of the top-tenured DJs of Chicago’s illustrious Style Matters collective for whom she has done- literally- hundreds of weddings and other special events over the course of her time with them. Thanks to a recent move to the West Coast, we are happy to offer her services through Caliber DJs for the 2019 season! She is without a doubt one of the most experienced, personable and well-rounded DJs on our roster and we are elated to have her on this side of the continent!!