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My husband and I have been to and in enough weddings to conclude the following: bad DJ = bad reception. Attendees begrudgingly participating in “the chicken dance” does not a party make. Therefore we began our wedding DJ search with one primary criterion: act as the catalyst for an amazing party. The search started and ended with style matters. Following our initial meeting with Spencer, we felt confident that he understood our event vision and could deliver – and deliver he did. Spencer hooked us up with Nate “Manic” Seider (I’ve dubbed him Nate The Great and no doubt, you will do the same). To say, “Nate was phenomenal” would be a severe understatement. He kept it mellow and smooth during dinner without being boring or cliché’, and once he got the party going he *got it going*. EVERYONE was dancing. Friends? Check! Parents? Check! Eighty-something-year-old great uncle? Check! My husband and his brother danced so much you would’ve thought they were competing in a wet-t-shirt contest. At the night’s end, reception attendees were begging for the party to go on and “this is the best reception I’ve ever been to” was overheard in more than one conversation. I’ve since had multiple inquiries about “the DJ” from my engaged friends. My husband and I could not be happier with the way in which our reception went down and we owe so much of it to Nate. Highly recommend!

-Gina R.

I’m currently reviewing our wedding vendors and this is the review I’m most excited to write. Why? Because they rock! If you’re trying to find a DJ for a party, wedding, event, etc. just stop looking right now. Pick up the phone and rest assured you’re going to have an excellent experience from start to finish. I really cannot say enough good things about this company, but I’ll try: Spencer is fun and creative – you can feel it from the moment you first talk to him. And he is incredibly professional and dedicated to the craft of creating kick ass dance parties – you can feel that too. But it all got even better when we met Nate, our DJ. Nate is as cool, as motivated and as all- around lovely as Spencer. He’s really fun and high energy, yet somehow very chill at the same time. Nate gave us music that kept our guests dancing and sweating for the entire night. Everyone commented on how great the music was at our wedding (all thanks to Nate! ) From nervous pre-teens to normal 20 something’s to awkward middle-aged folk, everyone was able to enjoy the party. A great success! At the end of the night, someone had packed away my trusty “DJ payment” envelope with the gifts and I had naught a penny on me to pay. You know what Nate did? He smiled gently at my stressed out face and said, “don’t worry about it; just mail in the payment later.” How cool is that? Seriously. This company is dynamite. Thank you, Nate, for giving us a perfect wedding reception!”

-Joanna R.

Nate did our wedding in August and exceeded our expectations. We left the creative work up to them and we were very happy with their work. Our guests loved their work as well. Nate was very pleasant to work with, in part because he seemed intuitive to our needs and anticipated what to do next. Bottom line, we would recommend Nate to our friends and family. We would also hire them again if we had to do it again! Thanks guys! JZ

James Z.

I’m new to Yelp, but one of the first vendors I wanted to look up was this company. Nate did my wedding in November and he was AMAZING! He had the dance floor full for 4+ straight hours! He knew when to change the music up because he understood the feel of the room to change it up and get everyone to stay on the dance floor. I cannot imagine a better DJ company doing a wedding and have recommended them to several of my friends already!

-Eman S.

Nate freakin’ rocked the house! All the guests loved him, and the dance floor was packed until the very end! Nate went above and beyond to help us with our mutli-ethnic wedding. My husband is Greek and I am not, so the Greek family was being a little picky but also would not provide us with specific details of songs. Nate ended up coming to our rehearsal to talk to everyone and get the CD with the Greek music, which is totally outside his job description. He was super nice and professional and we loved working with him! Our guests packed the dance floor until the very end and many of them with more eclectic musical tastes really appreciated the unique choices. I don’t think Nate even realized this, but he wore a yellow tie, which coordinated with our main wedding color. 🙂 We wanted a party, and that’s what we got! I’ll close with an e-mail to Spencer from my husband: “You guys were unbelievable to work with and the wedding could not have gone so well without both of you involved. Just imagine the dance floor packed with the rest of the guests standing around and watching the excitement of the Greek dancing. It was more perfect than either of us thought it would be.”

-Erin S.