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NEW FEATURES for 2020- LED Uplighting, 100% Silent Ceremony Power!

We here at Caliber are fully committed to providing the best day of music that you and your guests have ever heard.  However growth is never a bad thing.  Therefore, we have added some new features and services for 2020!  First up, all-new wireless 4-color LED uplights!  This is the most requested service that we have received from planners and clients alike.  An array of full-color RGBA uplights are available for a cost of $150 per set of 4 (8 lights for $300, $12 lights for $450).  They’re perfect for adding some atmosphere to your event.

Are you having your wedding ceremony in a remote area that doesn’t have access to power?  WE GOT YOU COVERED!  Also joining our roster is a brand new Goal-Zero YETI 1400 WATT lithium battery power supply!  This technology provides enough reliable consistent power to drive multiple speakers and microphones without the pesky generator noise.  Planners- you can even charge your phone on one of the 2 USB charging ports!  We are so happy to be able to offer a fantastic solution to what has presented itself as a very common need, especially in Napa and Sonoma!

We have also upgraded all of our wireless microphones for 2020!  SHURE brand mics have always stood the test of time as the preferred brand for music and event pros alike.  We’ve added their top-of-the-line mics to our supplies… Book with us and they are included at no additional cost!  We include as many wireless lavalier and handheld microphones for your officiant and readers as you need.

Submit an inquiry today to learn more!

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